A Comparative Study on Selection and Training Procedures of School Administrators: The Case of Finland, Germany, England and Turkey

In this study, the training and appointment processes of education administrators in Turkey were described together with the European countries Finland, Germany and England, and the differences and similarities between the practices were tried to be expressed. In the research, document analysis method was used; research articles related to the subject and the laws and regulations of the relevant country were examined and compared in the conclusion section. As a result, it is seen that the education administrators in the countries that are the subject of the research are generally chosen among those who have teaching qualifications. In other countries, except Turkey, the councils, municipalities, and teachers established at the school have a say in the training and appointment of school administrators, and it is done locally by each school, not as a recruitment center. In Finland, England and Germany, school principals are trained before they come to work, while in Turkey, school principals are trained through in-service training and mostly individual efforts after they take office. This study reveals the similar and different aspects of the practices in different countries in terms of comparatively examining the selection and training procedures of school administrators in Turkey. In this context, it is aimed that the results of the study will help to improve the selection and training processes of educational administrators.